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123MOVIES!! Watch Sun Dogs Full Movie 2018 Online

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Following his third failed attempt to join the military, a misfit takes a Marine officer's advice to`protect the homefront' a little too seriously. He enlists the help of a young runaway, and, together, they form an unlikely anti-terrorism unit.    Determined to find his purpose in life, Ned Chipley zeroes in on a casino manager, who may or may not be an Al Qaeda mastermind. Chipley enlists the help of a young runaway named Tally Petersen; together they form the most unlikely anti-terrorism unit of post-9/11 America in SUN DOGS, a tale of love, friendship and homeland security.  SUN DOGS is set three years after the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Ned Chipley (Michael Angarano), on the verge of manhood, sincerely wants to make America safe from the terrorists he believes still lie in wait to attack his country. With the help of his mom, Rose (Allison Janney), and her longtime partner, Bob (Ed O'Neill), Ned has been "training" in preparation for his fourth visit to a Marine Recruiting Office to volunteer. While his earlier efforts have failed, this time he meets with a compassionate recruiter, Master Sgt. Jenkins (Xzibit). Recognizing that Ned's mental limitations preclude him from becoming a Marine, Jenkins compassionately tries to salvage the young man's feelings and declares him a "Sun Dog," a special operative. Giving Ned a deck of cards displaying the 52 most wanted Al Qaeda terrorists, he tells the new "Sun Dog" to be on the lookout. It's exactly the assignment Ned has hoped for. Now on a mission, he meets and partners up with Tally (Melissa Benoist), a down-and-out young woman whose usual bleak view of the world is temporarily lifted. Ned's efforts, however misguided they may turn out to be, give him purpose and lead both Tally and his family into an adventure that takes both comic and heartbreaking turns.

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