Videos about wild bees

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Nesting walls

How bees are nesting during spring in Villeurbanne, more than 100 species have been found in this very urban site.



A short sequence showing a male bee Andrena being pseudocopuler with orchid flower.

Ophrys lutea - pollination by sexual deception (2) - Nikon D3s from NJ Vereecken on Vimeo.



80 % of bees nest in the soil

ANDRENA VAGA from Jean-Claude Hardy on Vimeo.


Buzz -- a story of bees from Rob Sheppard on Vimeo.

But also in different materials

Like snail shells : this video shows a small Protosmia that nests in empty snail shells, and a male Megachile (Chalicodoma) siculum found asleep in the floral tube of Iris atropurpurea, one of the endemic Iris Israel.

Wild bees of Israël (2) - Nikon D3s from NJ Vereecken on Vimeo.

As in birds, there are bees that cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other bees.

Here a Nomada lathburiana, a cuckoo bee, on a nest of Andrena vaga.

Nomada lathburiana from Jean-Claude Hardy on Vimeo.